This video game themed motion graphic was inspired from the very popular and critically acclaimed television show on ESPN called FIRST TAKE. This video game features the two co-hosts of the show, broadcaster Stephen A Smith,
and Skip Bayless. This television show
is known for its very controversial conversations, heated arguments,
witty banter, and informative sports reporting. This game takes you on the journey of choosing which broadcaster you want to be, allowing you to choose your outfit, level of play, and be placed on your first level of play objective.


Whiplash is a movie about a bright young drummer who enrolls at a cut-throat music conservatory where he is mentored by an ruthless instructor who will stop at nothing to realize the potential of a possible star. And his dreams of greatness and his future however, are in the balance of the one person who can take everything away. This Kinetic Type motion graphic was inspired by a pivitol scene from this Oscar award winning movie featuring up and coming actor Miles Teller and the legendary J.K. Simmons.